kalian yg sy hargai

tHe wOrLd aS i sEe iT, mY wOrLd aS i eXprEss iT

Sunday, November 21


today is a great day for me!!
my auntie is goin to India,
i'm not goin but i do really2 happy cos...
they got makan2 at my auntie house (my cousin actually),
dat's y i'm happy,hihi
my auntie n my cousin is really good in cookin but the part that i like most is the candy that she will give to the guests, it is a laddo!!!
do u know wat it is? i also dunno much about it,
but i know laddo is indian sweet n i really like it :-)
y? i dunno. i juz luv it. haha LoL

here is laddo, got it from internet :-)

i also meet lots of cute baby,
i cubit2 pipi diorang coz they r tooooo cute,
also enjoyin watchin badminton match on TV!

on 10 pm my father ask me to go home!
i want to finish watchin KooTan!
but i hv to go home,
(for sure i cant enjoy all the moment)

on the way back,
got a messages from my cousin,
msg : mah mlysia got 24, indo 26, hv to go to next set, pray fo them,

waa!! pity on KooTan,
they must be frust bcoz i didn't watchin them playin...
haha full of myself,

but the result is, Malaysia got Silver medal,
congrates to them, (at least they r figtin rite?)
although i'm frustrated,
but i still njoyin the laddo, hehe

when two person became one!
i'm Malaysian n luv all the Malaysian


  1. YUp...proud to be Malaysian^^V
    Do u noe that a girl from UPM won a gold medal in wushu for the asian sport? if u dun noe, i let u noe now....this makes u more proud^^

  2. seriously?
    yes2 more proud to be upmnians,

  3. I'm serious..can read in UPM homepage....so proud!!