kalian yg sy hargai

tHe wOrLd aS i sEe iT, mY wOrLd aS i eXprEss iT

Monday, November 22

what a perfect holiday

since the first week i was at upm, i was waiting for the holiday, i mean a loooong one so that i can spend all the day long to play around with my lilttle sis, teasing  my mom around, finishing all my novels, enjoying a lots of hong kong or english movies n wat so eva juz to released my tension,

but things doesn't goes as i expected....

its because im too lazy to find a good novels to read,
to lazy to find a good movie ( until i had to replay the same movie for a few days),
to lazy to do this,
to lazy to do that,
n bla..bla..bla...

so i decided to spend all the time in front of my lappy,
doing blogwalking, stalking people page ( on facebook),
n wat so eva,

its really surprising when there's a lot of blogger boy ( i never expect about it)
i think its only a girls who loves to sit in front of lappy n writing a blog while the boys will prefer more on enjoying the games,

sooo..the conclusion is....i'm shock!
that's all, hehe

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