kalian yg sy hargai

tHe wOrLd aS i sEe iT, mY wOrLd aS i eXprEss iT

Thursday, September 22

lab again? huh

my first lab for my first sem on my first year of foodtech,
yeah its quit weird when u hv to put on ur lab coat again,
wearing the gogal again, carrying and digesting the lab manual,
i left it long time ago, *one month is long time for me, hehe
and got a partner during lab,
she is chinese which doesn't really matter for me,
older than me 2 years and finishing diploma in foodtech already,
*already expert in foodtech area,
lucky for me because she is a good person n patiently follow my clumsiness while carrying the experiment,
its only about titration but i keep forget the procedure,
i even forgot how to calculate the molar concentration, hoho *shame on me

and also still confusing bout the registration course,
how many credit should i take?
is it okay if a stick to 15 credit only?
should i drop the 'makanan halal' and change to 'titas'?
or should i take both?
ok, pening suda @_@

alarm clock, bed, dream, funny, sleep

but the point is, i dun have an alarm clock,


  1. do your best for lab!
    degree lab isn't like asasi.is it?
    always playing around.. :)