kalian yg sy hargai

tHe wOrLd aS i sEe iT, mY wOrLd aS i eXprEss iT

Thursday, May 10

the eggs, the carrot, the coffee bean

got it from mgm class, that is the interesting part on that class, *i think. huhu

put three pots of water over the fire,
in the first pot, put some carrot,
in the second pot, put some eggs,
in the third pot, put some finely grounded coffee bean.

boil all three pots for 15 minutes,
and take out all what you put in.

the carrot, when in hard,
they are now soft,
the eggs went in soft,
they are now hard inside.

the coffee powder has disappeared.....

the water has the colour and wonderful smell of the coffee,

now, think about our life,
thinks dont happen like we wish,
people dont treat us like we hope,
we work very hard but we got very few results,
what happens when we face difficulties?

now, think about life. the boiling water is like the problem of life.
we can be like a carrot, we go in tough and strong,
we came out soft and weak,
we get very tired, we lose hope, we give up,
there is no more fighting spirit,

we can be like the eggs,
we start with a soft and sensitive heart,
we end up very hard and unfeeling inside,
we hate others, we dont like ourselves,
we become very hard-hearted,
there is no warm feeling inside, only bitterrness,
plz, dont be like the eggs,

WE can be like the coffee powder, the water does not change the coffee powder,
the coffee powder change the water,
the water hs become different because of the coffee powder,
see it, smell it, drink it,
the hotter the water, the better the taste,

we can be like the coffee bean, we make something good from the difficulties we face,
we learn new things, we got new knowledge, new skills, new abilities,
we grow in experiences,
we make the world around us better,
to succeed, we must try........and try again,
believe in what you are doing, dun ever give up,
be patient, keep pushing,

problems and difficulties give us the chance to become
stronger, better and tougher,

so, pls be like a coffee bean, meemah!!!


  1. salam...
    tp ma, saya xsuke kopi
    jd teh buleh kan? teh strawberry... sdapnye...
    hehe :p

  2. bleh, utk akq ape pun boleh :P