kalian yg sy hargai

tHe wOrLd aS i sEe iT, mY wOrLd aS i eXprEss iT

Tuesday, June 16

the final, final


the moment im writing this,
i should be studying for my final exam,
but then,
im still being disturbed with such miscellaneous matter,
that stop me from studying,
like what?
like writing my first draft thesis.
ah there you go the question.
why dont i finish it earlier?
how can i?
i have to admit that, working with people is hard,
depends on them is way more harder,
i must.
i repeat, i must gt a signature from my sv indicate that i have finish my fyp properly,
but he seems so busy until i cnt even gt reach of him,
no email, no whatsapp. no fon call, im stuck
why should i write this though?
im clueless, thats all

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