kalian yg sy hargai

tHe wOrLd aS i sEe iT, mY wOrLd aS i eXprEss iT

Friday, July 21

Syawal 22


things have been so exhausting for me. be it of this master thing, that tutoring thing, this relationship and so on. i even started a new hobby, hating half of me. thank god i have learn how to divide myself into several pieces so that i can pick which ever parts of me that i like. but deep down, i hope i can gather it as one complete pieces just like the old days. soon, perhaps.

i thought twentyfive is the age where i would settle down, but guess life keep asking me to hold on first. i haven't hate life yet, just that i started to not believe on it. not anymore.

i hope i can give name to all of this crap, but then i realise it will just make me more sick of them.

i used to name myself as a fighter but now, i started to use a new word for me, survivor.
yeah, this bad time will finish soon i just need to learn how to survive.

its no fun at all. serious talk.

syawal has come to and end and depression is real,
just saying,

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